THRIVING ARTIST is a statement of identity. 

We are committed to activating this mantra every day, I Am A Thriving Artist

Our products are created to empower and amplify this message for you, your families, friends, clients, co-workers, patrons, and supporters.

For those young creatives who are becoming, for those established creatives who have been on their journey, and for those hobbyists who love to create, we support you. 

We believe in you. Your work in this world should be satisfying and fuel for an abundant life.

We reject the terms “starving artist" and “struggling artist."

We aim to create a culture and ecosystem that fully supports creatives and nurtures them with optimism, assuring them that their courageous decision to center their talents and gifts is one of the best decisions they could ever make.

Thriving Artist is your affirmation, your spark to manifesting the life you desire to live. It is a mindset, it’s motivation and it can be your truth, if you want it to be.